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Composition Class

Before the 20th Century, there was no clear distinction between pianists and perform on the instrument. Most pianists composed their own music and most composers performed their own work. After the 1900, the idea of a pianist has changed to people who can only play the instrument. In a way, music students’ creativity and imagination are limited because of that concept. Through teaching students to compose music, we are training them to be more creative. Consequently, they can also learn how to perform music in a more in-depth way.

音乐欣赏课 (三级以上学生或各年龄音乐爱好者)
学习音乐的过程当中学生逐渐从对技术的掌握转变成对音乐的理解。这不但有助于提高学生的演奏水平,培养其对音乐的喜爱,更能增加艺术方面的修养。当你在学 习演奏钢琴的时候,只有对自己所学的内容有一种更深的了解以后才会对其发生感情。我们要培养学生不但能够“弹”奏钢琴,也能够“谈”论音乐。也就是对音乐 有见解。有一句格言:“音乐如同生命,你得到什么取决于如何和去演奏”。

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