Tuition and Cancellation Policy

Individual Lesson (Piano, String and Woodwind)
$40/30 mins
$60/45 mins
$80/60 mins

Piano Master Class
$100/45 min
$120/60 min

Pre-School Music Class (3-5 students per class)
$35/45 min

Performance Class
Free for students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Musicianship Class
$150 per term (5 weeks. 1 hour per week)

Chamber Music Class
$150 per term (5 weeks. 45 mins-class per week)

Theory Class
$400 per term (10 weeks. 2 hours per week)

Sight-Singing and Ear Training Class (1 class each month)
Free for students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Rhythm Class (1 class each month)
Free for students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Youth Orchestra
$950 per year (non-refundable)

Cancellation Policy

1. Any absences without 24 hours prior notices are charged at the regular rate without exceptions.

2. Each student is allowed one absence for a medical emergency per semester. A doctors note must be submitted within a week of the absence. A make-up lesson will be scheduled upon the validation.

3. In case a lesson is canceled due to teacher absence or school closure, a credit or a make-up lesson will be provided. A refund of the lesson can be requested through writing.

4. Parents can not request to change or cancel a lesson by the reason of teacher change. The school does not need to notify the parents about teacher change. Bios of all regular and substitute teachers can be requested at the office. Failure to show for the lesson at the result of teacher change will be charged at the regular rate without exception.

Other Policies

1. Parents must accompany students to their lessons. It is a parent’s responsibility to wait until his/her child goes into their lesson. If a parents wants to leave his/her child at the school before the lesson begins, he/she may do so at his/her risk.

2. Request for teacher change must be approved by the director of the school. Written request must be submitted by the parents.

3. Students who are not enrolled for the for the whole semester will not be permitted to attend the rhythm, sight-singing and performance class.

4. A $10 charge will be applied for each refund check. $10 charge per week will apply to late tuition payment. $30 enrollment fee will apply to any new and returning students who have suspended lessons for more than 4 weeks.

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