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Julian Yu

Julian Yu Director, Pianist/composer

Pianist/composer/conductor Julian Yu currently serves as the artistic director of Joyous Music School, Piano Masters of New York and New York International Youth Philharmonic. He is also the chairperson of the New York International Music Competition. Under his leadership, his students have performed in more than 50 TV shows including Good Morning America (ABC), The Today Show (NBC), Ellen Show (NBC), Little Big Shots (NBC), Kids Say (ABC), Sesame Street’s Not Too Late Show with Elmo (HBO) and Harry Show (FOX). 
Julian Yu was born in Shanghai, China and started to study the piano at an early age and soon displayed special talents for music. His remarkable piano performance earned him a place in China’s prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where he studied under Da-Chun Yu. He was the first prize winner of Shanghai Competition for Young Pianists, a contest that drew first-class young contestants from the city and other parts of the country. He was also a prize winner in the Hong-Kong International Competition. At the age of 15, he performed the Rachmaninoff 3rd Piano Concerto with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. For his distinguished achievements and records, the Ministry of Culture of China awarded him the Bao-Gang Prize, an honor that only goes to a select few. In 1994, Julian’s burgeoning talents caught the eye of the Manhattan School of Music, who offered him a full scholarship. Embarking upon a new pursuit of his music profession, Julian came to New York and joined the Manhattan School of Music, where he trained under Solomon Mikowsky and Donn-Alexandre Feder . In 1999, he received his Bachelor’s Degree of Music, and two years later, in 2001, he received his Master’s Degree of Music from the same school. Julian was a recipient of the Elva Van Gelder Memorial Award and Levy Blanche Award. He was the 1st prize winner of MTL Piano Competition at Carnegie Hall, and at Dora Zaslavsky Koch Competition. He was also a prize winner in the Berkley Piano Competition. As a soloist, Julian has performed with numerous world class symphony orchestras in Spain, Canada, United States, Korea, and China under ranking conductors Zdenek Macal, Lawrence Smith, Noorman Widjaja, Kim Nan Se, Park Jung-Oh and Guo-Yong Zhang. Julian is also a composer of the cross-over genre. His music is filled with warmth and sentimentalism. There is intensity beneath tranquility; there are vivid images portrayed by his captivating melody; there is depth and sophistication mingled with elegance and simplicity. He has recorded and published seven CDs. Among them, “Winter Sonata”, Silky Sky, Reverie had been released by YBM, SONY-BMG and AMC. His piano book “26 Lyrical Piece by Julian Yu” made him the most sought-after contemporary composer of the Modern-Romantic genre. All his inspirations and ideas spring from his true love for life, rendering his music more genuine and heartfelt. His strong background as a classical pianist allows him to play any music with great sensitivity and nuance, delivering a profound musical and emotional appeal to the audience. He is, in CODA Magazine’s words, “redefining Contemporary music with passion and love.” 
Julia Rho

Julia Rho Piano

Manhattan School of Music; Peabody Conservatory (John Hopkins). 
Ms. Rho was recognized as a prodigy at an early age and was subsequently trained at the Yaeji Music School for gifted young musicians. This led to her winning the Korean National Youth Competition in 1984. Her appearances in Korea have led to several awards and prizes in the U.S. including the M.D. State talent Competition. She later studied as a full scholarship student in Peabody Conservatory’s A.T.Y program. As a world-class concert pianist, Ms. Rho has been featured in concerts in hundreds of venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, White House and Shanghai Symphony Hall with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Seoul Festival Orchestra, Agape Symphony Orchestra and Peabody Chamber Orchestra. As an elite music educator, Ms. Rho is the co-author of piano books such as the “Joyous Music Books for Gifted Children” which help millions of pre-school age children around the world to learn the true beauty of piano playing. Ms. Julia is also the co-founder of Piano Masters and serves as a regular jury member in the New York International Music Competition.
钢琴演奏家, 教育家鲁爱罗 MS. Julia Rho, 出生于音乐世家。在12岁时,她以优秀的钢琴演奏技巧获得麻省颁发的“优秀青年音乐家奖”并在同年获得全额奖学金进入John Hopkins University-Peabody Music Conservatory学习。师从美国音乐宗师Leon Fletcher的第一代传人Joel Whizinsky. 1996年 鲁爱罗受邀进入纽约曼哈顿音乐学院深造师从Sara Davis Buckner. 取得优异的成绩。 近年来,鲁爱罗活跃在国际的音乐舞台上。她曾在肯尼迪中心,卡内基音乐厅,林肯中心和上海音乐厅里多次举办个人音乐会。并且在1995年受奥巴马总统邀请带队在白宫举行音乐会。作为一个独奏曲演奏家,鲁爱罗还经常和上海交响乐团,圣.巴斯 蒂恩交响乐团,AMC交响乐团等世界级的乐团合作。受到多国观众的喜爱。自2004年起,鲁爱罗作为韩国音乐杂志“Family Touching”音乐评论,撰写了一系列关于钢琴音乐教育的文章。帮助了很多老师的教学和琴童的学习。鲁老师认为,家长们普遍认为钢琴学生初级的学习并 不重要,可以和没有什么经验的老师学习。事实恰恰相反,教授钢琴初级课程的老师必须有非常好的心理素质,专业的教学经验,并且熟悉儿童的心理学。如果不对 学生加以正确的引导会导致学生中途的放弃和对音乐无兴趣。鲁老师在2021年创作的儿童钢琴教材《Joyous Music Book for Gifted Children》 向和世界各地的琴童们介绍钢琴表演艺术的魅力。
Ms. Kelly Yu

Ms. Kelly Yu Piano

Ms. Yu serves as the Artistic Director of Herald School of Music and Arts and co-founder of the Joyous String Ensemble, the award winning ensemble that is regarded as the best musicians of their generation. Ms. Yu was trained at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music from age 7. Upon receiving her bachelor degree in piano performance, Ms. Kelly started to pursue her performing career as a member of the Shanghai Trio. She has performed extensively in Canada, Europe, U.S.A. and China in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Shanghai Symphony Hall. As an educator, Ms. Yu has mentored gifted pianists for several decades. Her students have won numerous awards in competitions such as the New York International Music Competition, American Protege, International Young Musicians Competition. As a producer, she has worked with top television networks around the world. She has presented her students in ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, Hunan TV’s World’s Got Talent, NBC Telemundo’s Sempre Ninos and Germany’s Super Kids. 

Dr. Monica Lee Piano

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Taipei National University of the Arts, Dr. Monica
earned M.M. and D.M.A.( Doctor of Musical Arts) from Michigan State University. Ms. Lee has over 20 years of teaching and performing experience. Prior to moving to New York, she was a faculty member of Albion College , MI, as well as Marshall Music School in MI. She served as Performing Artist of Wharton Center Partner at Wharton Center of Performing Arts. She is also currently serving as a church pianist at the Grace Christian Church in Flushing. 自臺灣國立台北藝術大學(前國立藝術學院)音樂系畢業, 並於密西根州立大學先後 取得音樂碩士(M.M)與音樂演奏博士(D.M.A.)學位; 教學及演奏經驗豐富, 曾任教 於密西根Albion College等大學音樂系及音樂學校,並指導學生參加各式獨奏及室 內樂比賽、成績優異。目前於法拉盛恩光教會擔任司琴服事並執教於音樂中心。

Natasha Stollmack

Natasha Stollmack Piano

Natasha Stollmack is an active solo and collaborative pianist from New York. She has performed as a member of many ensembles, including the University of Delaware’s Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble, several piano duo projects, and many chamber groups. Recent collaborations include “Meaningful Connections: A Voice of Her Own” at the University of Maryland, a concert in which she and her colleagues curated a program exclusively featuring female composers. Her international performances span locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the island of Taiwan.

In addition to her performing career, Natasha is an experienced and sought-after pedagogue in the NY and DC metro areas. She has taught students of all ages and abilities and works diligently to cultivate their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Natasha’s teaching style incorporates her own values as a pianist, such as expression, tone, and score integrity in an accessible and intriguing way that guides students in crafting their individual musicality.  In addition to private and group lessons, she is experienced in large-group instruction, particularly the group piano curriculum which she taught at both the University of Delaware and the University of Maryland.

Natasha has been the recipient of various awards and scholarships, including the David Leibig Memorial Grant, the Otto Kahn Arts Scholarship by the Friends of Oheka Castle, and was named a “Woman of Promise” at the University of Delaware.

Ms. Stollmack holds a B.M. in Piano Performance from the University of Delaware, where she studied under Marie-Christine Delbeau, and a M.M. in Piano Performance from the University of Maryland, College Park under Dr. Mayron Tsong. Natasha is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Musical Arts at Stony Brook University under Christina Dahl.

Jeanie Lee

Jeanie Lee Piano

Pianist Jeanie Lee is a native of Seoul, Korea. She started to play the piano at age 4 and soon displayed special talent for the instrument. At age 7, she was accepted into the Songpa Music School for young and gifted musician under the training of professor Kyung Sook Shin. Few year later, after winning the 1st place in the Seoul Youth Piano Competition and Dong-Ah Piano Competition, Ms. Jeanie was invited to come to the united states to continue her music study. She was a prize winner of the International Youth Music Competition and received her bachelor degree in piano performance and master degree in music education from Hunter College. Since 2012, Ms. Jeanie Lee has been a member of the New York International Music Society. She has helped to prepare students to win the New York International Music Competition and performed in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Town Hall, Citi Field in 2013. Ms. Lee currently serves as a faculty member in Herald Music School (Flushing) and Joyous Music School (Long Island).

Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng Piano

Pianist Amy Cheng began playing the piano at age 5. She was accepted by Taiwan’s prestigious Music School for Talented Young Musicians at age 9. As a piano prodigy, she was winners of many competitions and was awarded the opportunity to perform in City Hall. After received her Bachelor Degree in piano performance from University of Taipei in 2014, Ms. Amy decided to pursue her music career in the United States. She received her Master Degree in Piano Performance from Manhattan School of Music in 2017 and enjoyed her career as a concert pianist and as an music educator. Ms. Amy has been a faculty member in Herald Music School and Joyous Music School since 2017.

Boram Han

Boram Han Piano

Boram Han is a pianist, educator, and composer whose expressive power and emotional appeal continue to captivate listeners and performers worldwide.

Her first opera President John (libretto by Cal Silberstein) was premiered at Opera America New York, 2018. She received her BM from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree from NYU, Tisch School of The Arts. Since 2018, Boram has been serving as assistant director of Joyous Youth Orchestra. She is an Artistic Director of Write Act Lab.

Jane Wang

Jane Wang Piano

Ms. Jane Wang has been a faculty member of Herald School of Music and Arts and Joyous Music School since 2018. She holds Master of Music and two Professional Studies degrees in Classical Music and Orchestral Performance from Manhattan School of Music.

As a performer, she has collaborated with conductors Alan Gilbert, Kurt Masur, Leonard Slatkin, David Zinman and George Manahan. She performs regularly in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, DiMenna Center for Classical Music and Peter Jay Sharp Theater. Jane has been a first prize winner of the Hudson Concerto Competition and a recipient of the Leon Russianoff Memorial scholarship.

As an educator, Ms. Wang was a member of the Out-Reach Teaching Program with PS-94 primary school. As part of her community outreach, she presented workshops and lectures on classical music and classical instruments to students of Cathedral School and Corpus Christi Parochial School in NYC.

Grace Cho

Grace Cho Piano

Grace Cho is an accomplished concert pianist who has performed extensively in Korea, Russia, Austria, and the U. S. Grace has been winners in numerous important competitions such as the Chicago International Music Competition, St. Petersburg Art Premium International Competition, Grand Prize Virtuoso Music Competition, NEC Piano Honors Competition and Korea Music Association Competition.

After obtaining her Bachelor Degree in piano performance from Kyung Hee University in Seoul where she received the Superior Academic Excellence Award (Summa Cum Laude). Grace Joined Prof. Randall Hodgkinson in Boston University where she received her Master of Music degree with Academic Honors. Ms. Cho is currently a doctoral candidate in piano performance and music education. 

Tamara Kim

Tamara Kim Piano

Tamara Kim was born and raised in Queens New York, now 23 she attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Art and Performing Arts as a piano and violin double major. Tamara was a winner of the LaGuardia Concerto Competition, having played the Mozart Triple Piano Concerto. She received The ASCAP Foundation Ira Gershwin Scholarship in 2007. In the following year her trio was one of the winners for The Chamber Society of Lincoln Center High School Competition. She also received the Music Chairman’s Association Certificate of Merit and the Principal’s Award for Contribution to the School. She was accepted to be a Hadar Scholar from the Richard & Mica Hadar Foundation in 2008. Tamara joined the New York Symphony and participated in their Chamber Music Program; her trio played at Weill Recital Hall as one of the winners in the competition. She was also a finalist in the 2010 New York International Piano Competition. She received her BM and MM from the Manhattan School of Music under Dr. Marc Silverman.

Anna Vertypolokh

Anna Vertypolokh Piano

Pianist Anna Vertypolokh began her piano studies at Kyiv Specialized Music School under Tatiana Abaeva in Ukraine. After moving to Canada, she continued her education with Tatiana Tkachenko and Marietta Orlov, graduating from Glenn Gould School’s Young Artist Performance Academy. She has been first prize winners in competitions such as the Canadian Music Competition, Toronto Sinfonietta Concerto Competition and National Music Festival (FCMF). In 2013, she became second-prize winner of the MTNA Competition as well as the winner of the Chopin Prize.

Anna has performed extensively as a pianist. She has made solo appearances with Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra, and at Harbourfront
Festival and Niagara Music on the Lake Festival. She participated in many master classes with renowned musicians including Marc Durand, Leon Fleisher, James Anagnoson, Anton Kuerti, John Perry, Boris Slutsky, Victor Rosenbaum, Alexander Shtarkman and Alexander Braginsky. Ms. Vertypolokh completed her Bachelor, Master’s, and Artist Diploma at Columbus State University’s Schwob School of Music, studying under Alexander Kobrin and Henry Kramer. She is currently a doctoral candidate under Christina Dahl.
Dahye Kwon

Dahye Kwon Piano

Pianist Dahye Kwon was professionally trained in both Classical and Jazz genres. She studied at the renowned Berklee College of music in Boston where she received her Bachelor Degree of Music in 2017. Upon arriving in NYC, Ms. Kwon furthered her studies in NYU where she received her Master Degree of Music in 2019.  She performs extensively as a jazz pianist and collaborated with artists such as David Pietro and Mike Mainieri. 
Ms. Kwon released her first solo album in 2021 and received great reviews from peers and critics in Asia and the U.S. She has been an adjunct music instructor in NYU and Stony Brook University where she is currently a doctoral candidate. 

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